Can I Pump Breast Milk at Work?

California provides lactating mothers the right to pump breast milk at work under the California Lactation Accommodation law. This law requires most employers to give women a reasonable break from work to pump breast milk and to provide a private location that is: shielded from view; not a bathroom stall; and near or at the employee’s work area. … [Read more...]

Is my job guaranteed after I return from maternity leave?

JOB-PROTECTED MATERNITY LEAVE Often a woman doesn’t want to take time off from work to care for herself or her child because she fears that she will lose her job while on leave.  But many women are entitled to job-protected maternity leave. California provides two types. The first type falls under the California Pregnancy Disability Leave law … [Read more...]

Does California Provide Maternity Leave?

California law provides two kinds of maternity leave. The first is under the California Pregnancy Disability Leave law (PDL), and the second is under the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), often called “bonding” leave. Many employers confuse the two or treat them as the same.  Both types, however, provide different benefits and have different … [Read more...]