Unreimbursed Business Expenses


California law requires that employers reimburse employees for all expenses incurred in carrying out their work.


Below are typical examples of reimbursable expenses:

⇒ Driving expenses

Only reimbursable if employers require employees to use their own personal cars to carry out job duties, such as a pizza delivery driver, then employers must pay mileage or some other form of reimbursement to cover all driving expenses, including gas and insurance.

⇒ Uniforms

Only reimbursable if employers require employees to purchase and wear uniforms, which includes apparel or accessories, that are distinctive in design or color. For example, employers may require employees to purchase plain white button-down shirts as part of their uniform without reimbursement. But if employer requires its employees to purchase white button-down shirts with an embroidered company logo, then the employees are entitled to reimbursement.

⇒ Uniform cleaning costs

Only reimbursable if employers require uniforms to be dry cleaned or maintained in a special manner.

⇒ Training costs

⇒ Seminar costs

⇒ Telephone or cell phone charges

⇒ Mailing costs

⇒ Postage

⇒ Subscriptions

⇒ Office supplies

⇒ Office equipment

⇒ Support staff wages

⇒ Costs associated with transaction errors

⇒ Costs to settle customer disputes

In short, the law aims to protect employees from suffering any expense associated with performing their job duties.


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